About Us

Clover Range Eggs are an independent family business based in Hertfordshire which prides itself in producing the finest and freshest free range eggs combined with the very best in animal welfare.

Our Expertise

Customer Care
Food Safety

Bird Welfare

Our hens are kept in small flocks which are a more traditional method of poultry keeping. We believe the hens are happier this way and will range further into the clover paddocks where they can scratch and forage during daylight hours. Inside the hen houses they have continual access to feed and water and areas to dust bathe and perching where they can rest.

Good quality fresh eggs

The eggs are hand collected twice a day, graded for quality and then hand packed. They can be delivered within two to three days of being laid. Our customers can be assured of full traceability of the eggs they consume or sell in their retail outlets.

Customer service

Our business has been supplying some of our customers for over 30 years and we simply put this down to a superb quality egg and our very friendly, efficient and reliable service.

Food safety

Food safety is of paramount importance as to ensure complete confidence in our produce. All of our hens are reared to the highest levels of animal welfare standards and are vaccinated against salmonella. We are subject to regular and unannounced inspections from DEFRA: Egg marketing inspectorate which includes evaluation of food hygiene practises.

the environment

Our policy is to minimise our impact on the environment by good farming practices.

  • Grazing land is rested by rotating hens to new pastures on regular cycles. We minimise the use of weed killers to the absolute minimum and only use these in order to maintain electric fencing which prevents predators.
  • We re-use our cardboard egg cases as many times as possible and at a time when they are unusable we recycle these at our local plant.
  • All other waste such as plastic is also recycled.
  • We purposely leave large grassland margins to encourage wild insects and due to the planting of clover in our paddocks we encourage large amounts of bees.